Female Orgasm Secrets

Female Orgasm Secrets

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One of the secrets to female orgasm is relaxation.

If a woman is stressed, tired, or uncomfortable during sex, she will never have an orgasm. Make a woman feel calm, relaxed, and loved, and her chances of experiencing orgasm greatly increase.

Exactly how do you achieve this? Well, most women love to be pampered, so why not surprise her with an erotic massage?

This is romantic way to ensure that your partner gets the most pleasure possible from your sexual encounter.

So, light some candles, turn on some mood music, and apply the art of the erotic massage…


Erotic MassageWhat is an Erotic Massage?

An erotic massage is much different from your regular back massage. During an erotic massage the subject is naked, making it easier for the massager to access all the right areas that will elicit sexual pleasure.

Erotic massage is usually used as a form of foreplay to encourage arousal and help with orgasm. But this form of massage may also be used as a way to help your female partner have an orgasm without intercourse.


How to Give an Erotic Massage

STEP 1: Set the mood. Dim the lights, light some candles, maybe even pour some wine. Make the room as romantic and stress-free as possible.

STEP 2: Have your partner lie naked, face first, on a massage table or bed.

STEP 3: With heated oil, massage her back, legs, feet, and arms. Use long, steady strokes to relax your partner. Don’t use too much force while massaging. Massage with the weight of your body rather than with the weight of your hands.

STEP 4: Have your partner lie on her back.

STEP 5: Maintain eye contact with your partner. This will help enhance her feelings of security and calmness throughout the massage.

STEP 6: With more heated oil, massage her chest, arms, and hands.

STEP 7: Glide down to her legs and inner thighs. It is time to focus on her genitals with periodic sweeps up and down the body to introduce different sensations.

STEP 8: Massage her clitoris. You can start by slowly and softly going around it with a lubricated finger. It is always a good ides to ask your partner what method of massage feels best for her.

STEP 9: Massage her G-Spot. If you want to tease her most sensitive areas, then proceed to the G-spot (the area about 2 inches up in the forward wall of the vagina.) Using one or two lubricated fingers, make rhythmic gestures inside the vagina, or find the spot and rub it in a circular fashion.

At this point you and your partner can decide whether to proceed with intercourse, or whether to continue with the erotic massage and try to achieve orgasm without intercourse.