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Foreplay, the one thing most women say they don’t get enough of! No one said spontaneous sex isn’t great, but throw in foreplay and it makes the experience that much better. It heightens the sexual tension and makes the encounter more fulfilling for both parties involved.

ForeplayForeplay should be a basic part of the total experience. Both parties involved need a little extra something to be fully aroused and achieve the highest amount of pleasure. Foreplay is the perfect moment to spend time understanding what it is your partner enjoys. It’s not about pushing the right buttons in the right order but rather about being able to give your partner what he or she needs to make the moment pleasurable.

Foreplay includes a range of activities such as kissing, undressing your partner, oral sex, and touching. Of course, many other activities can be considered part of foreplay as well.

The trick is to go slow and not rush through anything. Think of kissing as an art, not too soft, not too hard. Begin with a kiss on the lips but don’t stop there. Remember, this is as much about exploring your partner as it is about turning them on. So take the time to explore your partner’s body with kisses and make them feel special.

Oral Sex
Oral sex is an integral part of foreplay. It’s as close as you and your partner will get without having intercourse. You are exploring a private area of your partner’s body which suggests you are both comfortable enough to be with each other in such a fashion. Oral sex can be performed in the shower or bath as well.

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Giving your partner a massage can be very erotic. Begin by setting the mood by lighting some candles and putting some soft music on in the background. Make sure the room temperature is warm and so are your hands! The whole idea of a massage is about being touched so try to maintain constant contact with your partner.

There is no such thing as spending too much time on foreplay. By simply paying attention to your partner, you’ll take your sexual adventures to a whole new level. So light some candles, hit the music, and spoil your partner!

Birth Control Methods
Be prepared and get protected. This means gathering as much informaton about the many types of birth control methods available on the market, and then choosing what best fits your lifestyle.