Female Orgasm Secrets

Female Orgasm Secrets

I’ll Have What She’s Having: How to Fake an Orgasm

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To fake or not to fake, that is the question. I am talking about orgasms, of course, and whenever the topic is broached, many of us conjure up the classic diner scene in the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’ where Meg Ryan’s character acts out an orgasm, with the moaning and thrashing about to boot!

There can be a number of reasons as to why you choose to fake it. Maybe you are tired, or your morning love-making session is taking longer than anticipated and you cannot be late for work again, or you just are not in the mood and you do not want to hurt your partner’s feelings. Whatever the case may be, you need to know how to fake an orgasm.

How to Fake an OrgasmMany pride themselves on being able to tell when their partner is faking an orgasm. While there are some definite telltale signs that cannot be faked, such as an increase in heartbeat or the contraction of certain muscles, there are things that you can do to convince your partner that they have brought you over the edge of ecstasy.

So keep reading for an Oscar-worthy performance on how to fake an orgasm.

Tips on How to Fake an Orgasm

Fantasize: I do not mean about someone else. Simply transport yourself to another place, maybe the beach at sunset or the back of a limo. For women, the psychological aspect of sex is very important, and if your head is not in the right place, well…

Touch: It has been said many times - guys are visual creatures. So, excite both you and your partner by pleasuring yourself. It not only shows him that you are completely engaged in the act, but also enhances the experience.

No face: Believe it or not, if you are faking an orgasm, your face will give you away. Unless you have watched yourself in action in a mirror, you do not know what your “orgasm” face looks like, but your partner does. So pick a position whereby you are not facing one another (perhaps an opportunity to try out something new)!

Momentum: Start slowly, and build it up. Do not suddenly start thrashing about. All you have to do is gradually intensify your actions.

Vocals: Do not overdo the moaning and groaning. Some moans are bound to escape your lips, and you can throw in a few grunts here and there to encourage your partner.

Breathing: Again, obvious but crucial. When the excitement level, arousal level, and pleasure level all increase, so does the rhythm of your breathing. So take some short, shallow breaths.

Movement: Your muscles contract, your body trembles, your breath is caught in your throat during orgasm. Your body is your tool, so cling to the sheets, grab your partner, hold on to the mattress and exhale deeply!

So, to fake or not to fake? I think we all know the answer: real is always better, but no harm in being well informed.